{Samantha and Matt} In Color.

If you’ve been paying much attention to the blog lately, you’ve probably noticed some new posts featuring square format photos. Contrary to what you might think, these are not cropped photos (I generally don’t crop photos). ¬†They are actually square format film photographs. Film wedding and portrait photographers, in general seem to use 6×4.5 medium format cameras. These cameras are great, but I’ve become quite partial to the 6×6 negatives I get from my TLR cameras (TLR’s are the old cameras you look down into that have one lens for focusing and one lens that actually makes the image on the film). I love composing for the square format and I think this look gives my portraits a little extra something. I fell in love square format film portraits after discovering the work of Daniel Klaas. There is something about not viewing the world through “landscape” or “portrait” that brings the subject closer and seems to put you in the same room with them. I already posted some black white photographs in this vein from my session with Samantha and Matt. Today I present the color photographs to bring the session full circle.



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