{Rebecca} Film on Film.

I’ve been fairly busy working. Editing. Wrangling new work. Scanning film. What I haven’t been doing is blogging. In the photography business it’s become necessary to blog as “proof” that your working. They say, “If a bride checks your website and doesn’t see fresh work, she’ll assume you aren’t working.” That’s quite possibly a whole lot of hogwash, but either way, if I’m to have a blog, it should exist as an extension of me, not just as a stream of images to show everyone how beautiful people people are hiring me to take photos of them. So, for 2014, I vow to make this space more personal and show a little more of what I love and why you should want to hire me because I offer a unique perspective; not because I took a beautiful shot of a bride holding a bouquet towards the lens of my Contax 645 , shot on Portra 400, and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

So here, today, I’m going to share with you some photos I took on a wonderful night out at the cinema. We are so lucky to have a newly restored, gorgeous old theatre, The Virginia, within a quick drive from our country home. Rebecca, by Alfred Hitchcock has been a part of my life as long I can remember (Thanks Mom and Dad). When the theatre got ahold of a 35mm print of the movie, I just had to go see it. I tried not to take too many photos that evening and actually enjoy the movie, but here are a few shots I did take. -Micah.















































Note: I think you can learn a lot from old movies as a photographer. Making a film then, was much more like taking a photo. No computer trickery. Just film and light.


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