A South Florida Home with History.

Caitlin’s step-grandparents had a family farm in Indiana, but wanted somewhere they could go in the winter where it would always be warm. In 1959, they bought this house in Homestead. Caitlin and I haven’t been to the home for 10 years, when her grandparents were still living, but it seemed like the time to go back with our kids and her parents.
We adore this house. Our daughter calls it the “little Florida house” and, although small, its sunken living room, mid-century details, and charming layout made it feel like our second home in the week we were there. An IKEA run made it even more comfortable — we had so much fun picking some pieces, like a pull-out couch and rug — to make it vacation home-ready.
Caitlin’s mom even made an Easter egg hunt in the back yard for the kids. They’ve never had an Easter egg hunt under palm trees before!
To say we’re watching for cheap flights like hawks would be putting it mildly. We’re ready to go back!
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