Beach Time in the Keys.

 While in South Florida, we decided to go visit some beaches in the Florida Keys with our family.
The first day we went, it was unseasonably cool at 70 degrees — but since we came from central Illinois, it was a perfectly acceptable temperature for our 3-year-old to wade out in her romper. We visited Anne’s Beach in Islamorada; it was absolutely magical. The boardwalks led to little beach access points, all surrounded by the most amazing, twisty trees. Our son found some secret hiding places.
The beach at Bahia Honda was a lot more open, and it was a great day for being in the water. All the seagrass made for some really amazing shots, although our daughter complained it was “yucky.” Following the path up to the overlook bridge was something we’d definitely do again. Onlookers, including our children, tried to spot wildlife and made up sightings when they didn’t see anything. (For example, we didn’t have the heart to tell our daughter that the seaweed shapes she saw were not, in fact, whales.)
Looking forward to exploring more in the near future!
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