Kelsey and Friends.

So happy to finally be posting these photos I took with Kelsey Bourgeois. I did a session with her at the studio doing yoga, then met up with her and her friends at Defy Gravity in Champaign for more. Their work with hoops and on the pole is so expressive and inspiring. Kelsey exudes kindness, and that spills into the photos, which I love.

kelsey-1 kelsey-2 kelsey-3 kelsey-4 kelsey-5 kelsey-6 kelsey-7 kelsey-8 kelsey-9 kelsey-10 kelsey-11 kelsey-12 kelsey-13 kelsey-14 kelsey-15 kelsey-16 kelsey-17 kelsey-18 kelsey-19 kelsey-20 kelsey-21 kelsey-22 kelsey-23 kelsey-24 kelsey-25 kelsey-26 kelsey-27 kelsey-28 kelsey-29 kelsey-30 kelsey-31 kelsey-32 kelsey-33 kelsey-34 kelsey-35 kelsey-36 kelsey-37 kelsey-38 kelsey-39

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